Q: Why is the Extra-oral Vacuum necessary?

A: Infection measures in Japan were pushed forward as a pioneer from the 1980s, and we added it to the use of mask and gloves and intraoral vacuum, and use of this Extra-oral Vacuum settled as a precautionary measure of the infection diffusion.

The mask, the gloves, and the intraoral vacuum, their rate of uses became approximately 100% to the present, but the Extra-oral Vacuum, we must see the fact that it does not spread enough yet. For it costs highly.

In the current highly-developed dental practice, common dental plaque bacteria, hepatitis virus or also herpes virus, being attached to dusts and powder drops that are 1 micron or less, occured by the dental cut with the air turbine or by the laser knife, pollute the practice room.

The intraoral vacuum removes 70-80% of the relatively major dust, powder drop generated at practice, but 20-30% of dusts and powder drops, that are 2 microns or less, remain and pollute the practice room.

We can remove more than 99% of the remained ones, by using the Extra-oral Vacuum. It is not visible, but the fact that you can realize with the health condition of yourself.

In other words, the Extra-oral Vacuum is an essential tool for protecting the doctor and the staffs from pollution at the clinical time.

Q:What styles in the Extra-oral Vacuum system are there?

A: There are a central plumbing method and a stand-alone vacuum method. The central plumbing method, that is, setting the powerful basic aspiration motor inside or outside of the hospital, and the method to suck and remove pollution dusts through provided plumbing in practice setting.

The othe, the stand-alone vacuum method is a type to place a suction motor for each clinical chair unit.

The basic functions of the Extra-oral Vacuum are?

One;  It should aspirate pollutant occurring at clinical treatment at enough quantity of aspiration and aspiration speed.


Two;  It should remove pollutant from the clinical room.

Three;  It is to protect the doctors and the staffs from the pollution at clinical treatment.

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